Finger Sandwiches

Delectable morsels with assorted breads, cheeses, veggies, and cold cuts; a favorite of V'kebbe's

1000 gil

Duck Wings

Grilled or fried these come locally sourced from the Black Talon Market (also available raw for that authentic Black Talon experience)

1400 gil

Catch of the Day Sushi

May not win any awards for presentation, but these "rolls" are guaranteed fresh

600 gil

Buuz Basket

A man who never eats buuz, is never a whole man! Xaela inspired dumplings with various ingredients inside.

1200 gil

Soup and Salad

Bread Bowl Soup

A hearty popoto soup served in a bowl made of sourdough bread

800 gil

Button Mushroom Salad

Button mushrooms are the star of this gourmet salad, garnished with blue landtrap leaf for color, recipe provided by the esteemed chef of the Bandee Pakshee

400 gil

From the Bar

Vineyard of the Ancients

Reproduction of a red wine believed to be enjoyed by well off diners throughout the Allagan Empire

800 gil

Grand Continental

Bourbon sourced in Ilsabard and passing through ports in Othard before finally settling in Eorzea, served on the rocks

500 gil

Rhoswen Special

Highest proof rum available, straight from the Sanguine Sisters

600 gil

Syrcus Cafe

Authentic Allagan ground coffee donated by a local collector

250 gil

Assorted Teas

Various black, green, white, and herbal teas with a variety of additives for custom blends

300 gil

Leoh's Choice

Apple juice using only the best ingredients, may be too sweet for some

300 gil

Root Beer

Fizzy drink gratiously donated by Ishgardian science enthusiast

250 gil

From the Grill

Buffalo Tenderloin Steak

Locally sourced from the Black Talon Market, served with bacon and fresh vegetables

2500 gil

Grilled Grilled Cheese

Allagan barrier technology repurposed to add an extra layer of grilling; you know you're curious

1000 gil

1400 gil - with sliced boar

Buffalo Tartare

Black Talon Market authenticity for all! Raw buffalo sirloin lovingly chopped with dual-wielded chef's knives, rolled in a dressing of egg yolk and shallots, then served with fried popotoes

2500 gil

Dodo Liver Mousse

Chilled cup of pureed dodo liver, onion, and apples; enjoy this creamy take on a Black Talon staple

1500 gil

Desserts - Care of:

Hearty Delights

Powdered Sylph Pillows

Known as the pillowy delight of the pastry world, these beignets are made with love sprinkled with a heathy dose of sugar on top. Rolanberry or chocolate drizzle available for an extra charge

800 gil

Blood Orange-Ganache Tart

Taken from the paths of Upper La Noscea, the blood orange taste will sit on your tongue, tangy sweet, while the chocolate underneath gives that savory flavor. All this topped on a small layer of graham cracker

800 gil

Heavens’ Sunshine

A decadent light pie made from the Heavens’ lemons from the Sea of Clouds. Light, air whipped cream tops this lemon pie. Served by the slice

400 gil

The Tilted Ochu

Despite the name, this particular donut is twisted to make a ‘cute’ version of the creature. It comes in three flavors: plain, vanilla, or chocolate. For a little extra, it can be dipped in either white chocolate ganache or dark chocolate. Also, this serves well with rolanberry or lowland grapes

800 gil

Carbuncle's Favor Confectionary

Bottoms-Up Rosy

Upside down cherry cake garnished with latticed vanilla-almond glaze and candied sun lemon zest

435 gil

S'more to Love

A cake blending chocolate divinity 'twixt graham crackers and rolled cinnamony goodness, topped with a golden, fluffmallow crown. Enjoy by the slice, or share the love with an entire cake (generously pre sliced for 10)

480 gil - Slice

3840 gil - Cake

Kukuru Trove Wedges

A cocoa powdered, fluffy royal kukuru mousse rests atop dense, apricot swirled, dark chocolate brownies

420 gil

Apple Coast Wishes

Sparkling champagne cider poured over large, faerie apple gelatin "bubbles" in three gradients of blue, and garnished with golden apple sugar pearls and galago mint leaves. Make a wish before finishing the glass

600 gil

Friends of Saronia

((Promoted groups or events that are not run by Saronia))

Black Talon Market - Alternating Thursdays in Goblet Ward 10, Plot 4 on Mateus

Hearty Delights - Goblet Ward 20, Plot 18 on Balmung

Carbuncle's Favor Confectionary - Goblet Ward 6, Wing 2, Apt 71 on Balmung

The Sleepy Nomad - Every 2nd Thursday in Goblet Ward 6, Wing 2, Apt 70 on Balmung

Bandee Pakshee - Alternating Fridays in Goblet Ward 10, Plot 19 on Balmung