New Saronia Public Night

Every sennight, New Saronia invites you to come down to our lounge for good food and good company. Saronia is a place where anyone and everyone with an open mind, open heart, and empty stomach are welcome to come and partake. One never quite knows who might come down those stairs so expect the unexpected and prepare to have a broadened horizon.


Finger Sandwiches

Delectable morsels with assorted breads, cheeses, veggies, and cold cuts; a favorite of V'kebbe's

1000 gil

Duck Wings

Grilled or fried these come locally sourced from the Black Talon Market (also available raw for that authentic Black Talon experience)

1400 gil

Catch of the Day Sushi

May not win any awards for presentation, but these "rolls" are guaranteed fresh

600 gil

Hummus Plate

Extra smooth blend of chickpeas with tahini, garlic, cumin, and lemon; served with fresh naan

675 gil

Bruschetta Platter

Fresh Ishgardian bread roasted until golden brown and brushed with garlic and olive oil before finally being topped with diced tomato and basil

1100 gil

Buuz Basket

A man who never eats buuz, is never a whole man! Xaela inspired dumplings with various ingredients inside.

1200 gil

Psalty's Coleslaw Shack

Free garlic bread with two or more slaws
Make it a combo: Side of fries or garlic bread and a root beer for 200 gil

Coleslaw Wrap

Coleslaw and cheese wrapped in flatbread with your choice of dodo, hog, buffalo, or chicken; comes spicy or mild

650 gil

Crispy Szechuan Slaw

Stir fried coleslaw with liberal use of garlic and chili peppers; Caution: Extremely Spicy

700 gil

Saronian Bulgogi Slaw

Stir fried coleslaw with marinated grilled buffalo or hog; barely any spice to this one

900 gil

The Original

Can't go wrong with the Original, just like homemade! Also available with kale and orange

300 gil

Soups and Salads

All soups available in a sourdough bread bowl for an additional 200 gil

Tomato Basil Bisque

This creamy tomato soup garnished with chopped basil and parmesan cheese is the perfect companion to our Grilled Grilled Cheese

500 gil

Popoto Soup

A hearty and delightfully creamy popoto soup garnished with onions, cheese, wild boar bacon crumbles, and sour cream

600 gil

Button Mushroom Salad

Delicate button mushrooms are the star of this gourmet salad, garnished with blue landtrap leaf for color

400 gil

Rolanberry Spinach Salad

Sliced rolanberries, red onions, chopped candied nuts, and young Cieldalaes spinach topped with a poppy seed dressing crumbled cheese

600 gil

Coerthan Onion Soup

An Ishgardian favourite, this simple but refined onion soup is served with a baked cheese topping

500 gil

Minestrone Soup

A Gridanian recipe, this robust tomato-based vegetable soup featured popotoes, carrots, celery, beans, garlic, and seasonal squash

600 gil

Nagxian Mango Salad

A Far Eastern recipe, mango, bell pepper, onions, and cilantro are served on a bed of cabbage and topped with chopped peanuts, sliced pepper, and a spicy garlic peanut dressing

600 gil

Terncliff Salad

A recipe that traces its origins back to costal Ilsabard, this bed of mixed greens is topped with grilled dodo, tomatoes, mixed onions, cucumber, black olives, crumbled cheese, and a creamy garlic dressing

800 gil

Red Curry Soup

A creamy curry broth with a kick is the signature of this Far Eastern inspired soup, with thinly-sliced stewed dodo, spinach, kale, chickpeas, bell pepper, tomato, and onions

800 gil

Seafood Chowder

A hearty soup filled with the freshest catch of the day and assorted seasonal vegetables

900 gil

Southern Seas Poke

A lalafellin specialty, raw salmon or tuna fresh from the sea is served over a bed of mixed greens, rice, or half of each, with assorted toppings and a choice of shoyu, ponzu, or miso dressing

Available toppings include: crab meat, cucumber, mango, cabbage, soy beans, onion, peppers, cilantro, ginger, alligator pear, carrot, and fine roe

1100 gil

From the Bar

Vineyard of the Ancients

Reproduction of a red wine believed to be enjoyed by well off diners throughout the Allagan Empire

1250 gil

Grand Continental

Bourbon sourced in Ilsabard and passing through ports in Othard before finally settling in Eorzea, served on the rocks

625 gil

Rhoswen Special

Highest proof rum available, straight from the Sanguine Sisters

1100 gil

Syrcus Cafe

Authentic Allagan ground coffee donated by a local collector

250 gil

Root Beer

Fizzy drink gratiously donated by Ishgardian science enthusiast

250 gil

Leoh's Choice

Apple juice made from only the highest quality apples; Caution: may be too sweet for some

300 gil

Mint Orange Juice

Tall glass of fresh orange juice with just a hint of mint, a favorite of Saronia's resident imp

300 gil

Titan Special

Orange juice, milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla serves in a tall glass with slushy bits of frozen orange juice

300 gil

Assorted Juices

Other fresh fruit juices using only the best ingredients, sourced from a local Summerford farmer

300 gil

Ala Mhigan Fruit Tea

Gyr Abanian black tea with raspberries, blueberries, pineapple, orange, and black currant syrup, topped with edible wildflowers

300 gil

Apple Tea

Tea steeped in apple slices with added cinnamon and honey, with an extra infusion of Leoh's Choice apple juice

300 gil

Chamomile Tea

Soothing herbal tea with added honey for sweetness and lemon for a sour flavor, a favorite of our resident physician and tea aficionado

300 gil

Assorted Teas

Various black, green, white, and herbal teas with a variety of additives for custom blends

300 gil

Feeling Adventurous...?

From the Grill

Buffalo Tenderloin Steak

Locally sourced from the Black Talon Market, served with bacon and fresh vegetables

2500 gil

Grilled Grilled Cheese

Allagan barrier technology repurposed to add an extra layer of grilling; you know you're curious

1000 gil

1400 gil - with sliced boar

Buffalo Tartare

Black Talon Market authenticity for all! Raw buffalo sirloin lovingly chopped with dual-wielded chef's knives, rolled in a dressing of egg yolk and shallots, then served with fried popotoes

2500 gil

Dodo Liver Mousse

Chilled cup of pureed dodo liver, onion, and apples; enjoy this creamy take on a Black Talon staple

1500 gil

Barbeque Shorlog

Traditionally made with dzo meat and peppers, but available with a variety of meats and vegetables for the skewer

2500 gil

Psalty Veggie Pasta

Spaghetti with cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, red peppers, and topped with marinara, parmesan, and fresh basil; did you think he only made coleslaw?

1300 gil

Banquet Style

Pheasant with Stuffing

Large dragon-roasted pheasant stuffed with veggies, cherries, pecans, sage, and parsley, enough for the whole table! Each diner also will get a side roll and bowl of mashed popotoes and gravy

8000 gil

Grilled Swordfish

Large swordfish sliced neatly on a platter with a thin coat of mayo. The sauce is made with shallots, lemon, white wine, and heavy cream

8000 gil

Desserts - Care of:

Hearty Delights

Powdered Sylph Pillows

Known as the pillowy delight of the pastry world, these beignets are made with love sprinkled with a heathy dose of sugar on top. Rolanberry or chocolate drizzle available for an extra charge

800 gil

Blood Orange-Ganache Tart

Taken from the paths of Upper La Noscea, the blood orange taste will sit on your tongue, tangy sweet, while the chocolate underneath gives that savory flavor. All this topped on a small layer of graham cracker

800 gil

Heavens’ Sunshine

A decadent light pie made from the Heavens’ lemons from the Sea of Clouds. Light, air whipped cream tops this lemon pie. Served by the slice

400 gil

The Tilted Ochu

Despite the name, this particular donut is twisted to make a ‘cute’ version of the creature. It comes in three flavors: plain, vanilla, or chocolate. For a little extra, it can be dipped in either white chocolate ganache or dark chocolate. Also, this serves well with rolanberry or lowland grapes

800 gil

Carbuncle's Favor Confectionary

All Smiles n' Snickers

Snickerdoodle reimagined as a cheesecake, complete with sugar cookie crust and cinnamon sugar powder. Rimmed with whipped cream rosettes and snickerdoodle cookie shard.
Enjoy by the slice, or share the grins with an entire cake (generously pre-sliced for 10)!

480 gil - Slice

3840 gil - Cake

S'more to Love

A cake blending chocolate divinity 'twixt graham crackers and rolled cinnamony goodness, topped with a golden, fluffmallow crown. Enjoy by the slice, or share the love with an entire cake (generously pre sliced for 10)

480 gil - Slice

3840 gil - Cake

Bobbin' Apple Barrel Cake

Decadent spice chocolate swirl cake covered in whipped buttermilk frosting under oozing crowns of dark chocolate and salted caramel, sprinkled with sea salt and crushed peanuts, and adorned with caramel-dipped, faerie apple slices.
Enjoy by the slice, or spirit away an entire cake (generously pre-sliced for 10)!

510 gil - Slice

4080 gil - Cake

"Sihn"namon Roll

Large pumpkin roll with cayenne laced cinnamon filling and topped with a spicy, dark chocolate glaze. Not for the faint of taste buds.

360 gil

About Us

Our FC was founded on the ideal of providing a place where anyone could come and play any kind of character desired. With that in mind, Saronia has and anticipates a broad level of acceptance for lore bending. We're friendly to Garleans, Beastfolk, Dragonkin, denizens of the First (and other Shards), those with over-aspected aether (such as Voidsent or Sin Eaters), or just about anything else that might darken our doorstep.

One possible exception is the Public Night, the events every Wednesday night are designed to be something of an "open house" that is accepting to everyone In Character so everyone is encouraged to put their best foot forward in a sense and try to fit in with Eorzea at large. This is to allow those that play average Eorzean characters to feel secure about their visit to New Saronia and not have to worry about reconciling or flat out retconing of some lore-bending aspect of the FC being pushed in their face during the Public Night. The goal once again is to be as inclusive as possible. Please feel free to reach out to any of our staffers with questions, comments, or concerns, we'll continue to make our event the best it can be for everyone.

Friends of Saronia

((Promoted groups or events that are not run by Saronia))

Black Talon Market - Alternating Thursdays in Goblet Ward 10, Plot 4 on Mateus

Hearty Delights - Goblet Ward 20, Plot 18 on Balmung

Carbuncle's Favor Confectionary - Every 3rd Thursday in Mist Ward 16, Plot 44 on Balmung

The Sleepy Nomad - Every 2nd Thursday in Mist Ward 16, Plot 44 on Balmung


Thin and Cheesy

Flatbread like crust baked to a crisp topped with Rilo's spiced marinara sauce and cheese

1300 gil

Traditional Margherita

Traditional favorite of Rhemi's, hand tossed pizza with marinara sauce, cheese, and basil, cut into squares

1600 gil

Gourmet Meat (Extreme)

Between the marinara and cheese layers is a collection of gourmet meats lovingly provided by the Black Talon Market

3000 gil

Lominsan Market

Despite the efforts of the mushrooms and red peppers, this pizza topped with Lominsan Anchovies is still rather salty

1700 gil

Chicken Tikka Masala

Near eastern favorite with a kick, topping a layer of cheese on hand tossed crust

3000 gil

Veggie Delight

Assortment of fresh veggies including tomatoes, olives, peppers, onions, and button mushrooms

2800 gil

Snack Bar


Delicious brownie served in a personal plate; get it a la mode: fudge, sprinkles, crushed peanuts, whipped cream, and a cherry topper

600 gil - Plain

800 gil - A La Mode

Ice Cream

Frozen treat inspired by the Sleepy Nomad's beloved dessert; available flavors are chocolate and vanilla

200 gil - 1 Scoop

300 gil - 2 Scoops

Fresh Fruit

Lovingly supplied by a local farmer, available as individual fruits or cups of fruit diced and mixed

250 gil - Fruit

400 gil - Cup

Holy See

Ornate Ishgardian pastry topped with cream cheese (optional) and filled with cheese or assorted fruit fillings

400 gil

Popoto Crisps

Thinly sliced popoto pan fried to a crisp golden color, served in a small carryout bag

375 gil

Moogle Puffs

Oven baked pastries filled with varied sweet and savory fillings

425 gil

Custard Pie

Alright look, it's cheesecake, but Rilo really hates calling it that, so it's on the menu the way he wanted it

800 gil

Dessert Pizza Slice

Cinnamon baked sweet dough with mousse and white chocolate topped with milk chocolate "pepperonis," hot fudge, caramel, and whipped cream; options include bavarian stuffed crust, nuts, fruits, and chocolate sprinkles

700 gil

Cocktails from the Void

All drinks come served with dry ice for a mystical fog effect to set the mood; can be removed upon request.
((Drink descriptions by Avali Nahsra))


An otherwise simple cocktail made of fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and a liquor specialty of the southern Sagolii made from fermented sweet cactus, this drink becomes all the more refined for the layer of bright crimson Thavnarian wine carefully layered on top before serving


Blue and sparkling as the Rhotano, this drink boasts a generous helping of Lominsan coconut rum shaken with blue citrus liqueur and finished off with pineapple juice and edible glitter to give it just a little magic


A ghastly concoction made in a tumbler rinsed with Sharlayan absinthe, this drink is a mix of Coerthan Clearwater brandy, assorted Lominsan and South Seas Archipelago bitters, and rye whiskey spiked with squid ink to turn it black as a moonless night. Garnished with lemon peel and a young morbol tentacle, this drink more than lives up to its name


Lominsan white rum, Ul'dahn coffee liqueur, and a dash of honey and spices are shaken and served in a glass rimmed with gingerbread cookie crumbs; topped with chilled heavy cream before serving


Ilsabardian vodka mixed with sour apple, melon, and citrus flavoured liqueurs and topped with a sour hard candy, lemon slice, and a sprinkling of grenadine; this bright green drink is the perfect mix of sweet with a punch of sour


Garlean black vodka and Isghardian dry vermouth combined with fig liqueur and crème de cassis give this pitch black martini a delightfully refined fruit flavour packed with a strong kick. Served garnished with a half fresh fig


This delightfully fruity purple cocktail consists of primarily Sharlayan gin mixed with blue citrus and cranberry liqueurs, lemon and lime juices, and grenadine. Served iced in a glass rimmed with purple sugar


This highly ornate glass contains the Ultimate Truth...

(It's Nothing... it's Empty)